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Penn Forest Products sources reclaimed wood from structures around the world to provide material that enhances the end product with rich history and character.  Our inventory of hardwood products includes the following species: Elm, Black Oak, White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Hickory, Teak, Walnut, Beech, Maple, Black Locust, and Birch.  


We produce a wide variety of products using reclaimed lumber: countertops, tabletops, bar tops, hardwood floors, engineered floors, wood beams (solid and hollow), wood paneling for walls and ceilings, stair treads and risers, and mantels. 


The appearance of each piece of wood varies depending on how it is stained, sanded, and finished to suit your taste and the desired outcome. The history of the wood — from the time it was born as a tree, to when it was cut and used in a structure (sometimes for centuries) to when it was reclaimed and brought to our warehouse — reflects a culmination of influences that all contribute to make each and every piece unique. That is truly the beauty of wood.


Penn Forest’s ceiling and wall siding options come in a variety of wood species that are sourced from any number of old buildings and locations, resulting in unusual and unique character aged in to the product.  Our products are milled into paneling as requested by the customer or available prepackaged and ready to install.


Acclimation is the process of allowing wood to equalize humidity levels and conform to a new environment prior to installation. This is an important step in the installation process and ensures the wood paneling stays tight when installed. It is important that all moisture based structural work such as drywall installation and mudding be completed before any wood product is installed.  In addition, it is highly recommended that the structure’s heating and cooling (HVAC) system be functioning by the time our wood product is delivered for acclimation.

We maintain an inventory of material in Missouri, a high humidity state and Southern California, a low humidity location. The product is shipped from the location that is most similar to weather at the destination, cutting down on acclimation time and shipping costs.  


Penn Forest offers a hollow faux beam made from sections of reclaimed lumber. Perfect for any situation where a structural beam needs to be hidden or enhanced by the look of a solid wood beam.  These beams are packed flat and assembled on site using mitre joints to give the appearance of a solid beam structure. 

We maintain a wide variety of solid wood beams in different lengths and widths. The rough finish can be planed or sanded to a smooth texture if desired. 


Reclaimed wood mantels are solid wood beams typically of rough sawn material with minor variation and character aspects, resulting in a product that isn’t perfectly square or straight. This product is not graded, but rather sold as a non-structural, decorative piece of timber.  These wood beams are available in various lengths and widths, and generally used for mantels.  They are a great statement piece that provides the finishing touch!


We offer stair treads, risers, and parts to match any of our flooring materials.  Cut to size.


The unique style and character of vintage and reclaimed wood flooring cannot be replicated with new wood. The reclaimed material is hand-selected from old building structures that we procure. In addition to old structures, we source aged wood floors that can be removed and brought back to life by our professionals who restore the original lustre while maintaining the wood’s character.  This process involves careful sorting of each board to remove all metal and structural defects.  The restored product is then milled to specifications.

We offer the choice of reclaimed solid wood flooring or engineered flooring.  All products are designed to withstand the demand and high traffic found in commercial applications yet refined and elegant for residential projects. Rustic or modern, we also offer finishes to customize your desired look.

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