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Penn Forest specializes in exotic hardwood products in various species, grades and sizes. We are unique in this market because we allow the customer to hand select specific boards from our display racks. 

The gallery featured here includes many of the wood species we stock and provides a view of the characteristics of each. Generally, we offer what is commonly known as firsts and seconds of hardwood lumber. These are technically separate grades but are generally referred to as FAS grade. A FAS board must be at least 6 inches wide and 8 feet long, yielding at least 83 1/3 percent clear face—the preferred lumber for cabinetry and furniture grade applications. The next grade (Select and No. 1 Common) are grouped together as No 1. Common and Better. These are seen as a good alternative to FAS if only one clean face is needed, or when smaller pieces are likely to be cut.


Click on an image to get more information about a specific species. 

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